Monday, January 5, 2009

You Have GOT To Be Kidding!

My son must be out of his mind! The plows have left a Huge Mountain of Snow in our front yard, the kids all love to play there. Naturally, right? Well, D had this bright idea this morning that he would
RIDE HIS BIKE down it!

He was totally frustrated and disappointed when I told him there was NO WAY I would let him do that! I sent him to just walk on it first and see what would happen - it's covered with a sheet of ice, layered thinly over that with powdery snow. He did have fun sliding all over it but the bike business was NOT happening!

Just to be sure, when one of my neighbors came by, I asked him if he thought I was being overprotective. He's a guy, so he might have a different take on it. Nope, he agreed. What would this kid do if I wasn't with him all day? He used to call me at work to ask if he could do experiments with fire and electricity and all that. I'm afraid if I weren't homeschooling him, I wouldn't even have him by now!