Thursday, January 1, 2009

Programming Site for Beginners That Really IS For ABSOLUTE Beginners

Finally! D has been programming, mostly trial and error, some input from Big A in passing. He knows there are forums to use but they start too advanced. I've looked some things up myself for one of D's other brothers and never knew what to tell him, I didn't find out how to do anything from them. I'm talking absolute beginner, like I open the program and say, "Okay, how do I start?"

We found it, a place for an absolute beginner that really is for an absolute beginner. I'm afraid the guy's native language isn't english but it still works. It had gotten to the point that D started writing a tutorial for me, so basic that I can actually do it. (I haven't done it, I don't want to program but I have to try at least a little since it's D's passion. He wants to teach his friend, but his friend doesn't seem all that interested either.) Anyway, here: FreeBASIC Wiki is a site that we found that really does show a complete newbie how to begin. D knows much of it but we both knew he would find little things here and there that would change everything. He already did. We'll see how it goes from here but so far I'm very pleased!