Friday, January 9, 2009

Excruciatingly S-L-O-W

My D-man is tired of and bored with algebra today and for the past few days. He's using Saxon, it seems to be working quite well. The complaints are probably due in part to his being sick, he hasn't been feeling well lately; however, the main problem is that he's so slow! It takes him so very long to get through one lesson! He understands it easily, but I seriously believe his OCD and perfectionist tendencies drag everything out way too much. He wants me to give him only half a lesson per day by learning/reading the first day, then doing the problems the next, but I'd rather find a way to do fewer problems at a time. I'm not sure it's set up so that he can do odds only or evens only. It's worth a try but I have to remember that part of what we're working on is speeding up a bit.

We've tried those Focus Attention herb pills (slippery elm bark is one ingredient, how gross does THAT sound?) and he thinks they help. He can't handle ANY pressure, ever, none. He just panics and starts doing everything wrong. Hey! I'll point out to him that he finishes every single day. Yes, he takes 'forever' but he does finish. When he has that occasional day that he finishes a few minutes earlier than usual, he's beyond thrilled and tries to analyze how he did it. We've got a starting point...