Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is This A Field Trip?

We're going to try it this morning - walking to the store. It would feel better knowing how far it is, in a car it's not much. Would it be better to believe it's only a couple of miles or to know for sure that it's closer to five miles away? Yes, I know me, I want to know the truth. I love walking but I've been sedentary for so long, (not literally, I don't even sit at the computer) that it worries me a bit. D is excited because he won't have time for school today and because we're going to get some FOOD. That's the main focus of his life. He grew another quarter of an inch in the past two weeks so it's understandable! He claims this can be considered a field trip. Does he realize we can't carry much back? I'm thinking of taking my small suitcase with wheels, won't that look funny?