Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trying To Make The Best Of Being Poor

Big A's car completely died several weeks ago - we've been sharing mine. Now mine is parked over at a repair shop waiting for me to tell the people who will work on it to say yes or no to fixing it. Tomorrow D and I have to walk to the store for a few groceries. I was considering riding D's bike but have no lock and I certainly don't want to leave it to be stolen.
I'm starting to wish I had carried through with getting D the moped he wanted, it would be wonderful to have something motorized! Maybe if I get some motorcycle parts and put them on D's bike, I can trick it into thinking it IS a motorcycle! If only...

Of course, even if I could do that, I'd have to send Big A because I don't think I have the nerve to get on a motorcycle again; they're cool to look at but too scary on icy roads!

This being poor is horrible! We are trying to look at some of the good points, long walks are great exercise, limiting what we buy to what we can carry is probably good somehow. I'm not looking forward to carrying laundry to a laundromat though! At least it's way closer than the store and I can ride the bike and just keep it inside until I'm done.