Thursday, January 15, 2009

Exercise At Last!!!

We did it.
The store is only a little over two miles away, it took us 50 minutes each way. Avoiding mud, ice, snow, and cars made things a little annoying but that's what it is, right? It seemed SO FAR. But I feel so good right now, I really do always need to move. For a two mile walk (dragging a suitcase) to seem too far shows that we're in pretty bad shape but it's not like we had trouble or anything. The only depressing part was discovering before we left that I only had 1/4 as much money as I thought - we could only get milk and bread. I had a small suitcase so not a whole lot more would have fit anyway.

Next up is maybe the One Hundred Push Ups Challenge. I saw the site and decided to try. D has wanted me to do pushups with him before but I never do. He was upstairs, no one was watching so I tried - NONE, zip, zilch, I couldn't do ONE PUSH UP! So pathetic. I had to go to the next easier level and do them only from my knees, that was a "major" improvement (I did three). My favorite jobs have always been physical, this past year has not been good for me! I don't like "fake exercising", I want to get exercise by working but when I'm not working... I want to try this challenge but I don't know that my sights should be set on 100 in six weeks. We'll see.