Friday, January 16, 2009

PERFECT Sport For Boys!

Every time we ride by the paintball place, I want to go. D's friend goes with his dad, the dad is the same guy who used to "play" paintball with my older boys. I quickly learned to stay inside, they chased each other all over on our property. One of the boys took a shot right in his mouth! Luckily, they were still using blowguns, they didn't all have their own paintball guns and had to take turns.

Now with Spyders, Tippmanns, whole Mega sets, they can snipe each other all over the place. Of course, experience has taught them to use masks and to be sure they are well padded all over their bodies, those things can leave bruises. Guys like things like that though, apparently; they play football, soccer, they wrestle, have demolition derbies (derbys?) with old cars...bruises are nothing, but outwitting the next guy is a great big deal! Still, when D's friend goes, he wears padded pants, a vest, all kinds of gear - make it feel more tactical and military-like to use gear. Some equipment can be rented to try it out but anyone who likes it needs their own from a place like jt paintball (they even offer free shipping here). I've heard my boys and D's friend talk about it, rented equipment is only for emergencies as far as they're concerned. Besides, getting them their own - dads too remember, even girls really - makes it easy to choose birthday gifts!

I'm hoping D gets to go soon, he missed out with his brothers since he was only two!