Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lucky Mechanics!

Our car is giving us trouble. I had D add windshield wiper fluid, we checked the oil and discussed how to change it. He wanted me to turn the car on and rev it up with the hood up so he could watch and see what went on, so I did.
A few weeks ago, I bought a cheap car maintenance CD, it'll be good for all of us to go through! He seemed quite interested in learning more about cars - I always thought he would be, then when he had a chance to do something, he backed out!

I like taking him with me when mechanics work on the car, it gives me a good reason to keep an eye on what they're doing and he gets to be involved. It probably doesn't hurt the mechanics either to have some young teen 'idolize' them and consider them lucky to have a job that lets them mess with cool stuff like engines and cars and powerful machinery!