Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Boy Needs Help

Last night D came to ask me to start his school back on Thursday so he could get used to doing a couple of half-days before the overwhelming horror of full-day school began again. This is so sad. For one, he dreads any kind of compulsory study; two, he's so bored and depressed that even school is better than nothing. From the way he phrased it at first, I thought he meant he wanted to go to public school but when I asked, he was even more horrified so it's not that.
It would help if he would show any interest in giving input on how to make things better but he doesn't. It's always, "You decide. I don't know." The only thing I get from him is that he doesn't want any of his fun things to be involved in school at all. He says that ruins the fun. For example, I count his reading Tolkien as part of his language arts for now only because I want him to read. But he's afraid I may ask him questions about it or have him write a chapter summary or even write down how much he read! So far I've allowed that, just reading. It can't continue though, that he never does any real language arts because I'm not sure his skills are improving.
I so long for the days of unschooling, that was so good for him! He was bright and interested every day in learning all he could. I would do that again if I thought I could give him as much opportunity as he had before. Also, to do that, I wouldn't count this year as high school; I'm seriously considering calling this 8th grade and changing everything. He's desperate for a routine, a schedule, and grades but at the same time he hates it intensely.
He needs a social life but I have to drag him kicking and screaming into one. It's a bit difficult.