Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yes, Eyeglasses Again!

For a moment I wondered if my eyes had improved just a little teeny bit. I'm still not quite sure but it's exciting to think so, so I'm just going to. My friend told me she considered buying me an eye exam for Christmas because I've been complaining so much about my glasses. It's not really the exam I need though as much as non-scratched lenses. I'm so poor right now I can't even afford Zenni frames even now that they have Holiday frames available. I really need a job!
Even though I'm more likely to wear something like these Purple half-rims - I love the idea of this frame with a Snow scene. I love winter and snow. Earlier I was thinking of my little black-haired niece with a pair of candy cane frames, that would be so adorable! They do have several red frames. There are two pages of options, all different styles and colors. I usually think purple but there's a green holiday pair I like (won't work for me) and the red ones might not just be for my niece, I like a couple of them too.

Big A spends most of his time squinting, he rarely wears his glasses even though it's obvious he needs them. Squinting doesn't look any more attractive than glasses do, it's worse! He told me he wants to buy some of those crazy designed contact lenses, that would be pretty funny I think. He's wanted a pair since he was a young teen.
D and I don't have the option of contacts (very dry eyes), so it's still glasses for us. I'm thrilled that there's a cheaper choice now, ever since I started seeing these ads and posts for Zenni eyeglasses, I've wanted to try a pair. I can't do the $8 ones because I need bifocals but even $30 is way WAY better than $200!!! And D CAN get the cheaper pair. Besides, I still want to experiment with getting glasses just a little bit weak and see if I can make my eyes adjust to accommodate them, then another pair just a little bit weaker than those; I want to keep doing that until I find out how much I can improve my vision. This is NOT something I could do at $200 or even $100 a pair! Besides, I don't want to just keep writing about these glasses, I want to report on them. And I want to report on the eye experiment too.