Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Still Hazy Resolutions

Melissa at Melissa's Homeschool blog wrote up some goals for her blog. I've had some nebulous ideas floating around in my head for mine as well and her post got me thinking a little more seriously about it. It's just that I'm so lazy! When I don't get results quickly enough, I figure I'm just not smart enough to figure it out and there's no one around to tell me so I quit. It's time to change that!
First is that I want to learn how to put pictures in my posts, so far all I can ever do is copy and paste if the picture has that available. Some don't and I have no idea how that works.
Second is to find out what is even available to do! There are several blogs that give information like this, I bookmark them and then am too afraid to actually read them and try it. Not a very good model for my son.
Third, I want some point to the blog instead of just journaling my random thoughts. Maybe. Actually, I like to do that but I want to have something useful as well. Perhaps permanent links? The problem is sometimes they change from what I originally liked about them. What I really need I think is to find a forum where there's feedback.

EDITED TO ADD: Even putting the link to Melissa's blog took me three tries! I still have to go look up my notes on that EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is how D feels about learning programming but he's advancing in that way faster than I am at this. And I noticed last night that the daily fact in my sidebar is empty. I clicked on it to go to the site and it's empty there too. I'm hoping it's their error and not mine.