Saturday, November 1, 2008

What Can We Blow Up Today?

Young Teenage Boys, Dry Ice, Plastic Bottles, Large Private Yard...

D and his friend had a great time experimenting at the friend's house yesterday. They partially filled a bottle with dry ice, screwed on the cap and ran. For a while, nothing happened - they hadn't added water to accelerate the process - and it was so funny to watch them hiding behind and peeking around a huge board they were using for a shelter. They threw rocks at the bottle, hit it a couple of times, nothing. Then a rock hit it and bounced the bottle way off into the garden. Still nothing. They then tried using a milk gallon jug but the gas leaked out the lid, they could hear it. So far two tries and nothing.
D's friend finally picked up the first bottle that had never done anything, his little sister asked what he had, friend said, "Carbon dioxide..." his eyes grew huge and he THREW that bottle as fast and far as he could. Just In Time! It exploded and he was stunned! When we all were certain he was safe, everyone burst out laughing; it was so loud and such a close call, we needed to recover for a moment first.

Afterward, D and friend started walking next to each other across the yard in a way that was obviously intended to mean something. I gave them a curious look, they replied, "All in all, I'd say this was a successful day." They continued their walk and yelled out, "We're the Mythbusters, we're walking off into the sunset off the screen!"