Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Umm...the constitution...all science curriculum?

D and I were discussing the Constitution this morning. His history book has a copy of it spread over 25 pages with commentary and explanation in the outside column. It's GREAT. I wish we had time to go in depth on it but we probably should wait until a higher grade for formal government studies. For now, we will have impromptu (or perhaps, on occasion, prompted) discussions about the Constitution and will look things up, but for now his easy introduction will be enough. If I do this right, his interest will be sparked and eventually overcome his fear of all things sociopolitical!

It's not helping that I keep finding incredibly interesting books and websites for science. Is it okay to make all day every day about science, experiments, scientific reports, and research? Oops, no, he wouldn't want to skip the math, but that's part of science anyway. Hmmm, so are writing skills so that he can report his results properly and clearly.