Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Baby Experimenting!

My grandbaby girl is definitely more interested in hands-on than academics. This past weekend, I told her about the Mythbuster show that had the 'crew' climbing down ropes made of unusual materials (a prison break, but I didn't tell her that part!). I told her Grant had to climb down a rope made of sheets all tied together, she thought that was okay since Uncle D swings her around in one.
Then we moved on to the toilet paper that Tory had to make a rope from. I had her get some TP and pretended I was going to try to lift her with it. Of course, it immediately tore. So we tried again and it tore right off. THEN we started twisting, got more and twisted that into it, got even more and twisted that into it as well. Then I folded it over and twisted those together. This time when I had her try to tear it off, she was impressed to find that she couldn't! Toilet paper? She eventually did tear it but clearly realizes how much harder it was to do.
Then I told her Kari (Carrie?) made a rope of hair - like Rapunzel. Her eyes got big and she was excited to hear it worked. I had to stop her from pulling out her hair to try it!

Baby D is the one who goes around singing songs from the LeapFrog video about the letter sounds, the one who comes running if he hears counting or the alphabet. I even got him the next LeapFrog video about making words out of these sounds. Little A enjoys it for a short time then is ready to move on to something else. They both enjoyed doing crafts. My friend does crafts with all of her kids and they seem to enjoy it a great deal, so I got a couple of pasteboard boxes from Walmart for my littles to paint. Once they were dry, little A decorated hers with foam stickers of mermaids and underwater creatures. Baby D has been fascinated lately with the "apple-puss" (octopus), jellyfish, and sharks. I think someone took them to the aquarium.