Monday, November 10, 2008

All It Would Take Is A Quick Call...

I'm too lazy and whiny for my own good!
Everywhere are these ads for Zenni eyeglasses, I keep taking posts about them myself but I haven't ordered them. All I do is whine about how I can't even see through these messed up lenses anymore and need new glasses. If I would just call to have my prescription faxed, I could order a new pair. It's quite difficult to even type on the computer, I had to not apply for a job I wanted because it requires excellent closeup vision (okay, glasses wouldn't really help there, I do the old lady thing of pulling my glasses off to see closeup even with bifocals - does that make me old?!). I'm not sure a store will fax a prescription to a competitor...but it's worth a try. There's an FTC ruling that says you have to be allowed to take your prescription anywhere you want to! I just found that out from the Chicago Tribune article linked below. I haven't found my scrip at home; I DID look for it. And I didn't find D's even though I'm pretty sure I have his somewhere in my mess of paperwork.
The glasses are inexpensive but since I don't have a job I'm afraid to spend ANY money. The Chicago Tribune pointed out that there's no reason to spend buku bucks on glasses and mentioned Zenni as a good deal. (That was a good article by the way, price-gouging exposed!) Why am I waiting? Pure laziness and apparently a desire to wallow in self-pity that I can't see right.