Thursday, November 6, 2008


We've had to pull out our gloves and heavy jackets. D needs new winter boots and big A probably does too. Big A likes to go winter camping, seems like a good thing for brothers to do together, doesn't it? But I'm not comfortable with it. I just got a survival book to study with D; the real experience would be better but not until AFTER he's learned a bit.

I don't think his brother will 'take care' of him, he thinks D should learn everything on his own and that the hard way won't hurt him. That's true to a point - I'm not a man though, so I don't like it! D's never even been camping!
Nope, I can't accept it.

Big A doesn't even take good enough care of himself as far as I'm concerned. I'm the one who bought him wool socks for being out in the snow and ice, the one who insists he keep a blanket in the car in winter, things like that. I'm the one who wants him to have tactical pants so that he'll have pockets to keep a knife ON him and other survival things while he's out alone in the mountains camping. It's not always good enough to have your equipment in a pack, people sometimes get separated from those.

Maybe I'm just reading too many survival books and watching too many survival TV shows with D.