Thursday, October 2, 2008

Made Me Think

This was a perfect post to read this morning:
Streeeeetch Your Life

As I was making D's schedule, I tried to figure out ways to get him involved in things with groups, at least with other people; he doesn't like sports, I haven't found science clubs that meet for his age during the school year, music lessons are generally one person at a time. Anyway, besides church which we will be starting, the post I read reminded me of community service! There must be lots of opportunities for us to get involved.

He's been getting frustrated lately wondering why other countries are so poor. He's trying to figure out why they don't "just build better houses and make the things they need". He wondered if America has most of the world's natural resources then exclaimed, "No. We're always buying from other countries!" I honestly don't know why our country is so rich and others are so poor. I can get biblical about it but I can't explain the practicalities.