Thursday, October 2, 2008

Glasses To Match Your Outfit For The Evening!

Zenni Optical has more frame choices! They're inexpensive enough that you can buy glasses to match your mood or your outfit, never thought I'd see that happen!
So far I haven't gotten new eyeglasses, I had hoped that I would need new ones because my vision had improved - so far it hasn't. Even so, I would need a new prescription which comes with a visit to the doctor which generally includes frames in the price. Or vice versa, the frames include a "free" exam.
Lately though, I've been annoyed that my glasses are so scratched. I'm wondering if the scratches are in the anti-glare coating and if so, can it simply be removed? Time to dig up my prescription, without glasses I can't do much of anything; I never feel comfortable without a backup pair and right now I don't have one! This is really not good, I wouldn't feel comfortable driving using my old pair.
I know where D's prescription is I think, he needs a new pair but he may need an exam first. Even if he needs a new scrip, he needs a backup pair as well. His eyes are not horrible but they're bad enough that he doesn't forget his glasses when we go somewhere. They're always on his face already.

There are a lot of customer reviews that range from thrilled with quality and service to furiously disappointed at this site: The Clark Howard Show. Clark Howard did a review on Zenni Optical after he bought eyeglasses for himself, and some of his staff bought from them as well. They were apparently satisfied and many people tried it because he recommended them on his show. I definitely want to try them, negative reviews notwithstanding - glasses are normally so expensive!
I wish I could put a picture on here of the ones I want but I don't know how. And I won't really get this carried away but if I felt like it, I could buy several pair so I could match what I'm wearing!