Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Want Him To Find Out Everything

There are so many interesting, fascinating things to study! Even just the normal information we generally know is tempting. I want to teach D everything, all at once, introduce things, try things, watch movies about them, take field trips ...

It's not that it has to be me to personally teach or show him but I want him to find out everything that exists and hear all the viewpoints and debates. Why? I don't know, too much knowledge can be confusing but everything is so interesting.

I want to do it for myself too of course. There are so many things I know nothing about, even many things that have become necessary; I have to be sure he learns how to do these things that I don't know. This is quite a tall order.

Can you tell I'm trying to plan out his courses? It's so different if he goes to school next year, I've had a school recommended that would likely be much better for him. But if he's at home, all school-type education can be tailored to him. I have to be sure he can get a diploma or find alternates that I'm comfortable with (he doesn't care yet, but I have to be sure it's something he will be happy with once he's older and DOES care.) There's just not time to do all in a year that we want if we're aiming at fitting back into public education