Sunday, October 5, 2008

We'll Study It Anyway

There are a few subjects D is showing an interest in that we haven't reached yet or are not covering this year. I've decided we're going to go ahead and do a couple of mini-studies despite what he "should" otherwise be doing. This will mess up the plan but I don't see any good coming out of forcing a study of what he's not interested in and leaving what he is interested in until he's not interested anymore!

He keeps asking about the world wars, when they happened, why, who did what; we may as well study the wars for history instead of slogging through until we "reach" them. History builds on itself but I think we can make it work.
I have An Overview Of The 20th Century from Journey Through Learning, it's got a map to fill in of the countries involved on which side, I have a couple of history books we can read through including his history book for this year. I may find a movie but so far he doesn't like historical documentaries very much, a re-enactment movie would be better or maybe even fiction set in the time. We'll have to find a field trip that we can make, perhaps there are some replicas of the planes at the nearby AF base.