Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not Natural Couch Potatoes

Due to some casual experimenting yesterday, we found out that D's reading comprehension increases greatly when he stands to read. Reading out loud made a difference too. Reminds me of old fashioned one room schoolhouses, isn't that how they did it?
That reading out loud helped surprises me; he always complained that he couldn't follow anything if he read out loud. I think it's really the standing that did it.

He doesn't want me to put the computer back up high like I did for my work at home job. He has asked to not have schoolwork on the computer, he dislikes it a lot. I'm concluding that he's grown much taller and it's now too low for him; I can't help but insist he needs to be standing just like I do!

He does still enjoy sitting close to me on the sofa when I read aloud to him and I love that!