Monday, September 29, 2008

Do Ants Form Committees?

Now it's time to find out how to add things to my blog - pictures mainly. So many blogs I go to are enjoyable because they have photos that go along with the subject, some are photos of their family (that one I'm not so comfortable with), some were just too beautiful for the blogger to resist posting, etc.
Tonight I called D outside to see something and take a picture of because I had never seen such a thing before. It would be great to post it and get some input but it's a photo of ants. They're rather small and I don't really know how clear it will be. I'm going to describe it because I want to remember to find out what was going on - if anyone has seen this please let me know.

Ants were in clusters, mainly of five each, forming star shapes. There were at least ten of these groups, it looked like they were having committee meetings. Other ants were running around hysterically, checking in on the groups and occasionally joining one. It was so strange, is this normal ant behavior? Not in my experience!