Monday, September 29, 2008


Here I am blogging instead of informing the powers-that-be that D isn't going back to school. The school knows but the right person to sign D out wasn't available so they "couldn't" let me withdraw him yet. I have to go today but I think I'll go to the county first and file an intent to homeschool.

Part of me wishes I were still doing it the easy way and sending him off every day to others that are even legally sanctioned to educate him. But I AM his mother and "best for my child" keeps cropping up. If I list all the things that were not right at school, it's easy to see he would be better off not there. But there were enough good points that I hate to lose them. Now I'm responsible to see to it that he gets all the good that school offers AND all the good homeschooling offers.

At least I get to research and play around with curriculum again and it's required instead of just being me indulging myself! :-)