Friday, August 1, 2008

Have To Make This Work

Trying to decide on homeschool or public school is so hard. D needs to do more than just stay home all day every day, I need to go to work. Default seems to be throw him in school and just whatever. He doesn't have an opinion either way, something that adds to my frustration but what do I expect? When I was his age, my parents offered private school where riding lessons were part of the schedule. I was thrilled, loved the idea but my dad changed his mind because all I cared about was the riding lessons and not the regular classes. I'm trying to remember how I felt, what I thought...and to me, school was school, I had no opinion about that part; math, language, science, all that was going to be classes as usual, right? I focused on what was different. So expecting D to care is asking a bit much I suppose.

All was going well, I found a charter school that allows him to test for placement, he could go on into 9th instead of 8th, depending on the test results. He's a good test taker so I wasn't concerned. BUT, they have no buses for transportation, he would go on the city bus. Not something I'm comfortable with - I realize this isn't the east coast, he would be fine most likely but I really don't like it at all. Time to go take a few rides and check it out!