Monday, August 4, 2008

School and Legalities

Soon I suppose I'll have to change this from Homeschool For One to Homeschool For One, For Me Not My Son.

He wants public school if he has to do school at all, even though he said it's something he dreads a few days ago. Said he had no feelings about homeschooling either way but public school was too horrible to imagine. I couldn't tell for sure if he just thought he'd hurt my feelings by wanting to go to school. My thought is that he needs access to a good science lab and input from other people. I have a major problem with reading that "the law" can come down on me if he misses more than six days in a year! We already plan to go to my sister's wedding, I'm sure he'll be sick a time or two, who isn't? The threatening way it's worded annoys me to the point that it's very difficult to put him there, are the benefits worth government tyranny and insistence on parental rights over my child? No. It's kind of like the laws that are passed with all the extras added, like if you vote that child molesters should be executed you also agree that congress should have a $50K per year raise. Any politician that votes against that is claimed to be FOR child molesters. Our legal system is ridiculous.

If D is sick and contagious, I may be fined for it. If I get a doctor's permission to say he was sick, it's okay. If I'm too poor for a doctor or if D just needs a day in bed to recover, it's illegal?! I'm making myself angrier by the second, I'd better stop now!