Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Science Choices!

No fair! The Discovery Education site I wanted to subscribe for D is NOT going to happen. There seems to be only one section you can get a homeschool price on, all the rest are close to $2000 because it's for an entire school! I haven't checked each and every section yet but one I wanted doesn't have a home school option to click on. Guess that's why the post I originally read listed the "streaming" - streaming video, maybe that's all that's available outside of a whole school. I'll call the 1-800 # for more info on this.

There's still this site that he'll be interested in:
NWS JetStream, it's all about weather, energy, thermals, physics, hurricanes, electromagnetism, all the things he really enjoys.

For now, D is still doing the college physics course my dad sent but he's overwhelmed and worried because it's over his head. He said, "Obviously I'm not college level," all disgusted with himself. I pointed out to him that he isn't being asked questions on it and there are no tests! He IS only 13, no one expected him to grasp it all the first time he watched the DVDs. Only then did he admit he actually can understand much of it - I don't think the concepts elude him, the vocabulary does. (For me it's the other way around, I understand exactly what the guy's saying, I just keep exclaiming, "I don't believe that. That can't be true!" Because of this I also had to apologize to D and admit it probably didn't help to have me in the background disagreeing. Not that I disagree with the results obtained from their experiments, I believe them, what I don't agree with is the explanation and interpretation given.)

My dad will be out to visit soon, I just realized, we'd better get D's questions for him ready (some they've already discussed) before my dad takes the course back home with him. If we aren't finished with it and are serious about watching and discussing the rest, he'll probably okay us keeping it a while longer, he's already gone through it himself.