Sunday, July 13, 2008

Little A Wants To Read - Right Now!

Just had a DUH moment a little while ago. The grandbabies were here, little A was bemoaning the fact that she just can't read this book! She doesn't know how to read and she's quite annoyed by that.
When I first noticed her frustration a few months ago at not knowing how to read, I decided to introduce some letters to her but she wasn't interested at all. I've tried a few times but no go (baby D on the other hand is very interested!).
Today I finally realized something, here it comes, the DUH moment - she didn't know there was a connection - I had never actually shown her the letters IN A BOOK. I wrote on the whiteboard, I drew on paper, she had little flashcards with the letter and a picture. Once I thought of that, I told her the letters make sounds like we saw on the (very highly recommended by just about everyone) Leap Frog video I just got, and we can put them together to make words. I told her that's what reading is - she was stunned, you could see it on her face. I then made the sounds for C, A, and T and asked if she knew what that would be if we put them together a little faster. She immediately got shy and cutesy and said, "cat." Then she just grinned! This is going to be fun!