Friday, May 2, 2008

Henry Ford

This morning D is watching a video about Henry Ford - he's all charged up again about engines, power, making a ride-able vehicle with his grandfather. Last night I talked to my parents and found they plan to come out this summer. D will have his grandpa again! I may have him make some plans so we can collect materials before my dad gets here, but some of the fun of these projects they do, is in the gathering; they discuss the relative benefits of one thing over another, and find new ideas as they shop.

I'm quite pleased with this experience today. The movie is a Questar film called The Story Of Henry Ford, one of a series called Famous Americans Of The 20th Century.
I thought he might like this movie even though it was for school; I'm glad I was right. It's not my area of interest at all but I watched and enjoyed it too. D was introduced to a lot of history he would have been bored with if learning it for its own sake. Henry Ford lived through, impacted, and was impacted by two World Wars so D was introduced to those in a relevant way.
Learning history in this context interested him. He also noted the changes in quality of videography (movie making - i assume videography is a viable word) through the years, that was something else that revved him up and made him think.