Monday, April 28, 2008

D's Video

This is the chance, D is going to try to make a short video and post it. I have NO idea how to do this but I think blogger makes it easy. If this works, D can send video clips to his friends from the east coast who email him; we can also send videos to the family of the grandbabies out here!

EDITED TO SAY: It didn't work! How disappointing! There will be no pay, even worse, we couldn't figure it out. That's quite discouraging. We followed the steps listed, it acted like it was all good and had worked but I sure never saw a video on here. I had to put it back in as a draft. I wonder if he'll be willing to try again? He still makes his videos but may not care to post one. The one we tried was for pay, that made a great incentive. He doesn't seem to be too worried about posting videos otherwise, just for his own personal satisfaction in his own files. It sure would be nice though, to let his grandparents see what he's up to with his camera.