Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dressing a Teen

A few posts ago, I wondered at what age I should expect this boy creature to start wearing pants with real pockets and belt loops so that he can start carrying his own keys and wallet. These 511 Tactical Shorts might work now that it's summer.

We've tried the military pants, he wasn't interested. Perhaps he'll be more interested in the police gear; he doesn't like war but he does like to know criminals are caught. He'll be more interested in the technical gadgets naturally.
For winter, the cold weather gear will be perfect since we're in snow country again, he loves face masks for skiing and playing in the snow. But right now I'm pushing for the shorts!

This may be perfect. He'll need pockets and such to carry gear if we go up in the mountains to hike - he'll need a compass, various noisemakers that boys like, a knife, on and on and on... this is worth a shot!