Friday, May 23, 2008

Too Reclusive

I take it back, reclusive is good. (I had a whole post bemoaning our homebound existence, then needed to delete it.)

There must be a middle ground! It seems whenever D ventures out, something odd and annoying, at times threatening, happens. Hopefully we can find a normal activity he can be involved in that will alleviate some weirdness; safety in numbers and all that! My friend suggested D and her son take a digital photography class this summer. They may be too young but they're both interested in discovering everything their cameras can do. That's certainly a great idea if we can get them in it.
I also plan to see if the physics camp D's older brother went to when he still lived at home is being offered this summer.

And I can't forget this! He plans to do algebra all summer! That would be an inside activity but it must apply to the outside world (why else would we learn it?), so we'll be checking into that as well.