Thursday, May 29, 2008

Algebra - He LOVES It!

Because D finished his pre-algebra and wants to continue with algebra, I searched for a site to get some free worksheets. One I found offered plenty of practice but was too simple for him; we had done several already as pre-algebra.
Then I found a site called CoolMath which he is enjoying immensely so far. After every few lessons, randomly generated problems can be worked - we do these together on the whiteboard. Much of his enjoyment seems to come from the fact that we do them together. He's also very relieved to be finished with the finance mini-course that he did after pre-algebra. THAT he hated utterly, totally, and completely! For this CoolMath, I'm planning to let him work his way through the Algebra 1 over the summer. No pressure, no intense requirements. (Perhaps I should clarify: I'M not having him do it, he asked me to find an algebra course for him. He wants the book instead of doing it online but at least for now, this is working wonderfully.) If he goes to public school, he'll be doing algebra anyway, this will just give him a head start. It's also helping fill in the blanks and/or reminding him of what he missed or forgot during what he calls "that hideous finance class"! LOL! He sure did a great job for hating it so much.