Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Unexpected Day Off!

Today I let D come downstairs very late and find his assignment book that said: No School Today.
He was so very happy! You know how, as adults, we have some days that we just can't stand the thought of going to work? But there's just no choice, it's just what you do? Some people find a way, sometimes we can't. D is my own angel though, he's young enough to get away with it. He really needed that boost.
Then I discovered that it was the perfect time to do this for him. He was really seeming desperate and overwhelmed. Well, since we just had the babies here and the little one was so horribly sick, it hit me today - I felt awful and had to go back to bed for FOUR HOURS. Good time not to have to oversee school. And then big A woke up early (he works overnight) and wanted to spend time with D! Then we all went together to Subway, brought it home and watched a comedy together. It was a wonderful day. I'm feeling better, D is feeling loved and cherished, and hopefully renewed, big A got to spend some time with us. It was such a refreshing day!