Friday, April 4, 2008

Microscope Goes From Boring To Necessary

My boy is still sick, disliking the thought of school but his other option is to sit and play video games all day. He may as well be reading for school instead of messing up my schedule!

Even though that's just a joke, he totally hates to be "behind" if I've already written it all down. If I tell him he doesn't need to do something, I HAVE to literally erase it or he whines and fusses and does it anyway. OCD? Lots of indications that this is the case. How mean is it to take advantage of that on occasion?

Now he wants a microscope. He refused all offers of one before, couldn't have been less interested. Now we're studying biology and he says he NEEDS one. I want to get him that magnifier that I've seen advertised that you plug in to the TV. We rarely watch TV so this way it will get some use! When I suggested it though, he just gave me a little, patronizing smile. He needs a REAL one apparently! And suddenly he has all kinds of ideas of what he wants to look at through it. Now big A is suggesting he get one that can magnify enough to see Brownian movement! I have no idea if a regular microscope can see that or not but don't things have to be incredibly active (in other words - HOT) for that movement to be noticeable?