Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spiritual Life For Young Teen

Maybe it's time or is it just me noticing the ubiquity of "courses" and discussions, lectures etc., about the spiritual aspects of life? I was reading blogs and came across this one, a report on Indian meditation and such by a guy who has just finished the first part of a course. There was a section for kids and teens as well, it got me thinking again. This is what I'm most interested in for D, not just the usual Sunday or sabbath school type things but I'm not quite sure what the difference is. Most of the emphasis in churches seems to be morals, I think that's it. D is a very moral person, I can easily see him becoming too rigid in his ways. He's quite offended by rudeness and unnecessary meanness. Not that being mean is ever 'necessary' but to a kid it may be.

What I like about this other type of thinking is not the good, decent, moral aspects but the awareness of the connection of the world, life, people. I don't like the idea of selling these ideas/wisdoms/realizations. And sabbath school or church school teachings seem to focus too much on how a child should behave to show his changed nature when they don't actually HAVE a changed nature. I think I'd prefer a meeting for children to meditate and pray; the natural outgrowth of children truly in touch with God will be talking about how they interact with other people. Some will notice changes, some will never have learned to treat others badly in the first place. Yes, I think THIS is what I'm looking for and why I don't attend church or send D to school. I want him to be around people to whom putting prayer and their spiritual life first is first nature.