Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Timeline

Lately I've been adding little things here and there to the history timeline that lines our stairs. D was shocked to see that Sir Isaac Newton was born AFTER Plymouth Colony was established. To me, this is the point of the timeline. Moments like watching his jaw drop and hearing his comment, "I thought all the really smart people only lived in the old days. You know like WAY back a long time ago. In ancient times." :-)

Now I'm looking at the pages of the timeline I've been adding to and have to admit I'm messing them up! Grrr! I think after we've added what we want to each sheet, I'll cut out posterboard to cover it and redraw the line with the additions done a bit more neatly. He will definitely be helping do that part, I want to hear his exclamations and watch him as he truly puts things together in his mind. This is fun!