Sunday, April 20, 2008

Simple overview for me; In depth study for him

I printed out some information from online for D to read; it's an overview - background information to go along with what he's studying. I read it myself, then read it trying to imagine being him reading it. Well. I realized that to ME it's a simple outline overview but there are probably 5 words in the first paragraph that he doesn't know. I noticed in a couple places that there was enough left out to raise questions; obvious questions that the information leads to. Now my objective is to read and I will "translate"; I want to see if any questions about what comes next are raised in his mind.
Not having questions can mean two things though - one is that he's not assimilating the information presented well enough to see where it leads. The other is - he doesn't care at all and is only getting through it as quickly as possible. Of course, that's not the point! Education is LEARNING, finding out something new. He sometimes operates on the assumption that I will accept his "getting the reading done and questions answered". But he's homeschooled now, we have different objectives!