Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wind Tunnels (in my house)

It's another very windy day and D-man is loving it. He and the littles have been racing around the house, in and out of doors to see how the air pressure will slam this door, then that one, he's enjoying watching little A try to push a door shut or try to pull it open against the strong wind. Little tiny 4 yr old A is surprised at opening the front door and hearing the back door slam. They're all laughing and running wildly, it's so much fun to watch and hear them.

D-man loves the wind but allergies have started; he's very upset that he has to avoid the wind. Then he said, "I SO want to go in a wind tunnel!" I looked it up online and found this new huge building down the street has one! It's only about 10 minutes away, this is incredible. I thought I would have to drive to another state or at least a few hours, instead it's right in our city!

It shouldn't surprise me, this is Utah, it SHOULD be set up for kids since so many live here.