Sunday, April 20, 2008

Focused Political Study

History, government, politics - all subjects I dislike, find confusing, and wish to avoid. At various times in my life, I've become interested but it all seemed too hopeless to continue. Four of my boys had zero interest, one was fascinated. My youngest is another who is disgusted by human behavior, studying government and politics and watching the news hasn't helped. But on a blog called Today's World Seen In A Different Light the subject was here again! As I wrote in that comment section, I have decided to study with a focus on results - what has been achieved when people worked for a result. The outcome does not have to be something I would have hoped for, it's the fact that results WERE achieved that I want him to see.
I have a friend who is actively campaigning for stricter child molester laws in her state right now - she has a meeting set up with the representative (or someone like that, a delegate?). My D (i think i'll call him Diesel on here, I normally write D or call him deezel at home) is amazed that she can talk to this guy. He's obviously considered it as a textbook or news thing, nothing to do with REAL LIFE. Guess I should decide what my goal is too. Even if it's just giving him information until I can figure out why it matters.