Monday, April 28, 2008

Physics As A Bribe!

I've started the course my dad sent for D; It's called Einstein's Relativity and the Quantum Revolution, it's by The Teaching Company. D was working on his biology and asked if I could PLEASE let this course from Grandpa be his science. That's why my dad sent it but I didn't tell him that yet. I get to use a college physics course as a reward, as a motivation, for him to finish his biology a little more quickly! I'm not making him go too deeply into biology, he doesn't like it at all but it still needs to be studied. I've done a very little checking into the requirements for his age in biology and they're not strenuous; he hasn't become fascinated yet so I won't push it too hard. As long as he knows this physics course is waiting, he may settle down with the whining.

Biology is the course I'm currently having him do a lapbook for; I'm calling it a folder because I was afraid lapbook sounded too young. I don't think he cares, it's a dreaded PROJECT - as long as I don't use THAT dreaded word, he handles it better. Even so, guess what he admitted this morning? Once again, he said the lapbook/folder helps him remember and understand the best! Apparently the dreaded practice must continue!