Friday, April 25, 2008

Discussing Dimensions Of Reality

Yesterday we watched The Elegant Universe; D didn't last too long, it was way over his head. I've lurked in a discussion concerning Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth and was fascinated. These are things I want to discuss with D but am not sure he can understand - what will it do to him? Is he old enough for it quite yet? Often I think I should wait, let him finish reading through the Bible first before anything else. And that's what I will do. But things like the movie tracing the search for a unified theory of everything, books concerning our existence, collective consciousness, all that makes me want to get him involved. My sporadic attempts at explaining biblical concepts like "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he," and how he hurts himself with negative thinking are not organized enough. I'm not always sure what I want to present to him as truth myself.

Like everyone else, I've heard the buzz about The Secret , and looked into it a little bit, sounds like positive thinking. Isn't this how the bible says to think? "Whatever things are good, think on these things." There's actually a course (I love courses, D thinks I'm completely out of my mind!), A New Earth meets The Secret that puts the ideas together, Tolle's book about bringing about a new earth (the bible says Jesus will come back when all hope/look for him), letting go of the ego ("die" to self), collective conscious (we are to all live together in unity); and The Secret which is really, from what I can see, thinking like our Creator gave us instructions on in scripture.
The Sedona Method is a course that offers a free sample CD and DVD to try concerning these, it's a way to put these ideas into practical use in life; ideas of controlling your thoughts to control your life, getting rid of your ego which is the source of so much disappointment, and so on. There's a conspicuous absence of the name of Jesus in all of these which may bother Christians but if the Creator of All is awakening humanity on a large scale to the powers He instilled in us, how can it be bad? Well, it can. But seeing how these ideas go along with what He told us from the beginning should only lead us to wonder how we got this way in the first place. We're created in His image after all.