Friday, April 4, 2008

Woodburning with sun and magnifying glass

He finally tried this and did a marvelous job. Little A is quite impressed with it, we're not sure about letting her watch him do it though. She's only four. She mostly likes the way she could still smell the woodsmoke smell of it but isn't quite sure how he did it.

I really need a yard of my own. I'm enjoying being a renter because I like things to be temporary, I like to move. But a yard of my own (mowing grass, raking leaves, planting a vegetable garden - all things I don't particularly want to do) gives great potential for kids. It's necessary. Required. If a child can't run, scream and yell, climb the trees, climb the fence, "experiment" with fire, have a sandbox, leave partially finished projects in his yard, he (she) is severely hampered in my opinion.

Do we have a decent place to live? Yes. Enough to eat? Usually. A car? Yes (gift from my brother). Computers? Yes (also from my brother). We have plenty, we are blessed and comfortable. It may be greedy, but D's brothers all lived with a huge yard and a pasture behind that, a river to go play in, mountains to hike in. And now D is living an indoor life in a townhouse. This is my only concern. I believe boys NEED to be outdoors, being wild and loud. Now that we have little D as well, we have to figure something out.

Though the Germans survive with going to their "backyard" three or four blocks away as a weekend jaunt. I don't think I'll ever forget going with my friend to the back yard - in the car!