Friday, April 25, 2008


Every morning, D's first assignment is Bible reading. He likes it because it's short, I try to keep it that way so that he doesn't mind and consider it just more school. One thing I'm always aware of though is that this bible he's using is a student bible and full of commentary - mostly historical but at times, doctrinal. That part worries me a little because I apparently am NOT a mainstream christian and don't want him believing what they've written.
One thing I have a great deal of trouble with is the emphasis placed on how depraved, evil, useless, and a waste humans are. To me that isn't any indication of a great God, that shows one that screwed up or at least was working from a flawed hypothesis.
As I was thinking about this yesterday, from the point of view that because God created humans, He must be insane (a thought I've offended people with before), the same thing happened that has every time my mind starts going that way lately. I remember what He showed me! It simply is that HE IS. There's no way to explain what I even mean by that with words that I can think of. Not just God exists - it's way more than that, it encompasses every aspect of everything that ever was or is, and as far as I know, ever will be.
This is what I think of all day, every day. It's what I want D to know too. It's hard to insist on schoolwork, on eating, on anything sometimes because it feels like, until he knows, nothing else matters.