Monday, April 21, 2008

From Not Hurting To Helping

Eating Healthy and Going Green is not as easy as I had hoped; it's very difficult to know how to shop at the grocery store. The nutrition labels don't help as much as I had hoped because there are minerals that we hear we need that aren't mentioned. Fruit like blueberries are $4 for a little package! And do older women, young adult men and teenage boys all have different requirements? Isn't there just a healthy human diet, one that can cover us all? Especially one that doesn't take weeks of research for every meal?
I tried to have D make up menus and it's pretty much what I should expect - hot dogs and brownies! He wants something quick and easy, when a teenage boy is hungry, he wants to reach in the refrigerator or cabinet and just grab and put it directly into his mouth. No time for cooking unless that's what he's doing WHILE he's eating.

As for going green, we don't REcycle as much as just still have all the things we always did. Clothes and toys are passed for the littles to and from friends and family, then washed well and given to thrift stores. Big A lives close enough to bike to work, D and I work at home (his school, my work). This is just daily life though, I think I'd like to involve D in things like actual HELPING the earth instead of focusing on not hurting it as much. Someone's blog made me feel a bit guilty, she said she does things like clean riverbanks and other things like that. We need a "Take Care Of Our Earth" project.