Friday, March 21, 2008

Space post 2 and Finance Study

I will do the space exploration lapbook even if I do it myself FOR myself. I'm interested in the whole subject, I never was in school. He's not interested in the spacecraft themselves but he has a great interest in what's been discovered. He doesn't care who found out, how, or when - he just wants to know the what. That's fine; I'll do the rest for myself and inform him of the whats as I discover them.

He'll be begging me to do the same for the upcoming biology unit but sorry; he's got to do his part in that. We don't have to go too deep since he doesn't like it but he'll have to learn the basics. He wants to spend all his time making robots - he wants to build one from scratch, not a kit, making videos and studying animation. All those things are fine but we have to at least cover other subjects. Never know what he'll like once we try it anyway. He was horrified to discover I had a unit of personal finance for him to study - now he's asking if he can do my checkbook register. I need a bill center anyway, perfect project as long as I don't call it a project. Maybe if I act reluctant enough, he'll BEG me to let him!