Monday, March 17, 2008

Princess Stories

Even though I'm only homeschooling my 13 yr old son, my grandbabies are here often enough that I can do activities with them too. The baby is only two and isn't all that interested in anything or anyone but Daddy and Uncle D.

But little A loves me and wants my attention all the time so I've got plans! She loves princesses; she's a tiny preschool girl, what else? At the teacher supply store, I bought two packages of felt dolls and clothes - not even precut - but perfect for what I want to do! I'm now looking for stories of real, historical princesses for her to learn about, then she can dress up the dolls to go along with the stories. One package of outfits I bought for her has historical "dream dresses". They're historically period and place appropriate.

Now I'm off to search the net and library for interesting, exciting, and true princess stories!