Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Cure For Boredom

I just read on Chica's blog (I'm Just A Blogger) that she's feeling really impatient and bored; she's living with littles which can be very difficult at times.

It made me think of when my life changed drastically for the worse/better and something MAJOR had to be done. So I packed up my boys, four of them, bought an RV and took off to travel the U.S. for three years. It was so amazing! I loved hearing them wake up and ask, "What state are we in today Mom?" and "Can we go to the Grand Canyon again after we swim in the ocean?" I also loved being there to see them when they first laid eyes on sights like Old Faithful in Yellowstone, the buffalo that snorted and pawed the ground at visitors trying to walk the path, the Pacific Ocean, dolphins?sharks?, surfers, on and on and on. They weren't so thrilled at some of the history museums but every science museum in the U.S. was ours!

There's lots more to say but D and his friend NEED the computer to make more videos, you know how that is, right? I'll be back!