Saturday, March 15, 2008

Is This Exploitation?

Is this creative thinking or taking unfair advantage? I want to have D put his newly made videos on this blog. Sounds reasonable to me but here's the rub - I want HIM to do it because I don't know how! Part of me knows I should learn to do it instead of settling into mental inertia, it's my interest after all. But he learns things so quickly and loves the praise and being able to do things I can't. There's a touch of male chauvinism I can take advantage of as well as his pride in his youth. Hmmm. Can my pride take knowing there may be truth behind those character "flaws"?

He's taking pride in making these cartoons. First, he made his simple claymation video, seamlessly done. Then he proceeded to his old toys that we keep around for the grandchildren - a castle and knights. So far he's made three episodes. They're pretty good I think for having to make each photo then put them together at the right speed for a video. He also has at least one funny incident in each one.

This is what I love about delight-directed learning! The joy and thrill as a child learns to do things they are truly interested in. He's taught himself piano and drums, physics, scientific method, fiction writing and editing, now video making with inanimate objects.
When he's in this mode, all I need to do is offer tips if I have them, he incorporates them as necessary, and speeds on!