Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Friend Does This

My friend does this and it looks like fun so I decided to give it a shot. I just signed up for Pay Per Post; they do blog reviews and you write posts for them; I see the ads everywhere and I've watched my friend write a couple of these posts. What I'm looking forward to is finding sites that I'm interested in myself. One I would like to write is for Kettering University, I saw that in a few blogs already and it caught my attention. This is the type of school I'd like D to go to, it concentrates on the things he's most interested in. Seems like everything she gets to post about is something I either have comments of my own about or need to know!

I'm going to write constantly anyway, I may as well try to get paid for it.

It's like working for a temp company; when I've done that in the past, I discovered whole worlds I never knew existed, it was quite amazing. I have canned brine shrimp eggs from the Salt Lake; worked for a company that sells and repairs the coin acceptors from soda and candy machines; torn down an old store, built and set up a new one - and got to be part of opening day!; put ski goggles together; and lots more.
This blogging is the same way, I hear points of view from way more people than I would meet in person in a day; get introduced to products that may be the answer to a problem I have; get reminded of things like camping, the weather helped with that one too, of course; am forced to get my brain working well enough to learn all the ins and outs of using the computer; and who knows what else will happen?
I really like this.

Another bonus is that my boy is watching me put writing to use! Spelling, vocabulary, being involved, he can see that it's all truly good for something.