Monday, March 24, 2008

A Little Annoyed

I've checked out what I ordered from Hands Of A Child and I'm not really impressed. Way too much money for not enough product. What happened is that I ordered the wrong thing for one, it looked too simplistic and not quite on target for the biology unit I planned. This one cost $16 and should have been about $5. The one I couldn't find when I had my card out and ready was only $7 and was what I needed, or at least, was a lot closer to what I needed.

These are basically scrapbook templates and patterns with some information included about the subject. The one I got is for 3-6th grade but it's for my 7th grader. I didn't think it mattered too much because it's only one grade back and easily adaptable. That part is true, after all, this is for supplemental "crafty-project" ideas and help.

The science one for advanced astronomy would have been perfect if I had found it before we were almost finished with space studies! There are plenty of good choices for younger children in almost every subject but for the olders, the history project packs are the best so far, there are a lot more suitable choices there.